Version 0.0.18 released!


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rx is a command-line tool that makes it easy to create, use, and share your environment.

The major features of this release are automatic language/toolchain detection and support for remote-only workspaces.

Automatic toolchain detection

rx will now automatically detect the language a project is using and start the correct type of image and tooling. You can just rx init and start running and testing with zero additional work.

Check out the documentation on automatic machine setup.

Remote-only workspaces

If you would like to work on a project that lives on GitHub without syncing it to your machine, you can do so by specifying --sync=false and the Git repository:

$ rx init --sync=false \

You can then use rx normally:

$ rx python

Check out the documentation on working purely remotely.

Please give these new features a try by downloading with pip install run-rx (or update with pip install --upgrade run-rx). Let us know about any issues or questions you have!

Check it out on PyPi now!