Cloud Development: the board game

Cloud Development: the board game

aka Computes and Ladders.


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Let your whole family appreciate the fun you have setting up cloud instances! The rules are simple, so anyone can fail to enjoy.

Choose a player token and put it on the Start square. Each player starts with:

  • $10

  • 10 Security Tokens

  • 10 Sanity Tokens

Other tokens you'll need:

Place the hardware tokens in a shuffled pile face-down.

Each turn move your piece one square. If a square asks you to place a token you don’t have, follow the ❌ path. If you have the token(s), follow the ✅ path.

Lose conditions:

  • 0 sanity: you give up.

  • 0 money: you go broke.

  • 0 security: you get hacked.

To win: don’t play.

(You may need to open up the board in a new tab to get a readable-sized image.)

Contributions welcome :)

(And if you'd like your workflow to look more like:

check out rx.)