Cloud Development: the board game

Cloud Development: the board game

aka Computes and Ladders.


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Let your whole family appreciate the fun you have setting up cloud instances! The rules are simple, so anyone can fail to enjoy.

(You may need to open up the board in a new tab to get a readable-sized image.)


Choose a player token and put it on the Start square. Each player starts with:

  • $10

  • 10 Security Tokens

  • 10 Sanity Tokens

Other tokens you'll need:

Place the hardware tokens in a shuffled pile face-down.

Each turn move your piece one square. If a square asks you to place a token you don’t have, follow the ❌ path. If you have the token(s), follow the ✅ path.

Lose conditions:

  • 0 sanity: you give up.

  • 0 money: you go broke.

  • 0 security: you get hacked.

To win: don’t play.

Contributions welcome :)

(And if you'd like your workflow to look more like:

check out rx.)